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The Use of Electric Golf Carts

Golf is an elegant sport that is close to nature. The golf course is vast, and the vehicle used on the course is the golf cart. There are many rules and precautions for using a hand-pushed cart. Below, we have sorted out the instructions for using an electric golf cart. Let's take a look together!

Maintain a steady speed when driving electric golf carts

When driving an electric golf cart, we should maintain a constant speed to avoid making loud noises due to acceleration. Users should always pay attention to the players around them when driving. If someone needs to hit the ball, we should stop the cart after the stroke.

The electric golf carts should not exceed the rated capacity specified by the manufacturer, and overspeed driving is prohibited. In addition, the vehicle's design cannot be modified or additional objects added without the manufacturer's approval to prevent impacting the vehicle's capacity and operational safety.

Changes caused by replacing different component configurations must comply with the requirements of this standard and do not affect the safety performance of the electric golf cart.

The road that the electric golf cart travels on needs to have a certain carrying capacity, and the roof of the car needs to be strengthened to maintain the safety of the vehicle operation.

We should ensure the safety of the electric golf cart while driving

The electric golf cart should have a certain line of sight and be easy to turn, cannot have slopes, steep slopes, narrow passages, and low ceilings to ensure safe driving.

On roads where pedestrians and vehicles may be encountered, sufficient width should be provided.

It is recommended that the slope of the electric golf cart's driving path should not exceed 25%, and the top and bottom of the slope should be smooth to avoid collisions with the road surface.

When the slope exceeds 25%, it is recommended to install signs and drive with caution.

When using an electric golf cart, attention should be paid to safety. Safety here refers to the personal safety of the player and the environmental safety of the golf course. We hope this knowledge can help you.

Our electric golf carts have an elegant and streamlined appearance, advanced technology, complete equipment, stable performance, and combine international advanced motor power and electric control to meet people's pursuit of high-end golf carts.

As an environmentally friendly passenger car designed and developed specifically for golf courses, our electric golf carts can also be used in resort areas, villas, garden-style hotels, tourist attractions, airports, enclosed communities, and campuses. Our customers can choose from 2-seat electric golf carts, 4 -seat electric golf carts, 6-seat golf carts, and 8-seat golf carts. Welcome to consult us.

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