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Buying Guide for Electric Mobility Scooters

When choosing electric mobility scooters, pay attention to the following:

  • The speed of the electric mobility scooter should be within the safe speed limit. According to relevant standards, the speed should be controlled below 10 kilometers per hour. Note: this speed refers to the maximum speed the vehicle can reach without a speed limiter. Sometimes, some merchants will inform you that the speed of the vehicle is 10 kilometers per hour after installing a speed limiter, but this is actually deceiving the customer. Be aware of this.

  • The rigid indicators such as the length, height, width, and weight of the electric mobility scooter should not exceed relevant national standards.

  • The center of gravity of the electric mobility scooter should be low, and the wheelbase should be wide. These are all related to the safety performance of the vehicle. Safety should not be compromised.

  • The electric mobility scooter should be rear-wheel drive, equipped with front and rear brake systems, with the overall braking distance controlled within 0.5 meters. A braking distance that is too long clearly lays out a huge safety hazard.

  • The electric mobility scooter should have strong climbing ability and be equipped with a reversing device.

  • The operation of the electric mobility scooter should be simple, and elderly people should be able to handle it easily, even in emergency situations.

  • Choose products from well-known brands with guaranteed product quality. Check the official website of the brand, understand the brand's business philosophy and products, learn about the brand's situation from friends and relatives, and read customer reviews of the brand's product quality and after-sales service on relevant forums online.

  • The after-sales service of the electric mobility scooter should be timely, and maintenance should be easy. Try to use vehicles with universal accessories to avoid being cheated by unscrupulous merchants during after-sales repairs.

Follow traffic regulations, drive safely, and enjoy a safe and comfortable senior life.

Elderly friends driving electric mobility scooters must follow traffic regulations and not drive recklessly, enriching their senior life while putting safety first.

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