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8 Seater Golf Cart

With room for eight, you can take your family and friends together to play golf by riding Etong's 8-seater golf cart. Unique style, comfortable grip, and enough leg room to enjoy your ride and driving experience. Etong also supports customizing your eight-seater golf cart according to your specifications. Discover the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality, all available at a competitive 8 seater golf cart price. Contact us today and experience an unparalleled driving adventure with our 8 seater electric golf cart. 

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8 Seater Electric Golf Cart for Sale Features

  • 8 Seater Golf Cart Front Axle And Rear Axle
    The front axle and rear axle adopt McPherson type independent front suspension

    The interior space of eight seater golf cart is large, the vehicle handling stability is high, and the controllability is strong.

  • 8 Seater Golf Cart Rugged Brush Gard
    A rugged brush gard

    Designed to complement the golf car 8 seater's body lines, Etong 8-seater golf cart for sale is added to defense against threats to the front end.

  • 8 Seater Golf Cart Original Imported Controller
    The original imported controller through the computer design of a variety of operating modes more intimate

    With electric brake and automatic reverse charging function. 8 seater electric golf cart's multi-function pedal, acceleration, braking, and parking as a whole, simple control.

8 Seater Golf Cart for Sale Specification

Rated Load(including driver)8 person (including the driver)
Dimension4485mm*1230mm*1905mm (L*W*H)
Vehicle Weight710kg
Vehicle Load510kg
Front Wheelbase890mm
Rear Wheelbase980mm
Minimum Ground Clearance120mm
Maximum Speed (full load)24km/h
Braking Distance≤6000mm
Min. Turning Radius5500mm
Maximum Grade Ability (full load)20%
Motor Rated Power5KW AC
Charging Time10 hours
Driving Range70-90km
Tire18/8.5-8 tire

8-Person Golf Cart for Sale Advantages

An 8-seater electric golf cart offers a variety of advantages over traditional gas-powered golf carts. Firstly, 8-seater electric golf carts are environmentally friendly, emitting zero emissions, reducing carbon footprint, and contributing to cleaner air. Secondly, eight-seater golf carts like family golf carts are quieter than gas-powered carts, making them ideal for use in residential areas, parks, and campuses. Thirdly, golf car 8 seater is more cost-effective in the long run, as they require less maintenance and fuel costs. Fourthly, 8 seater electric golf cart offers a smooth and comfortable ride, with features such as adjustable seats and suspension. Lastly, golf cart cars are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as transporting people around resorts, theme parks, and industrial complexes like cargo golf carts. Find your ideal 8 person golf cart for sale and redefine your driving experience today. 

What should I consider when buying an 8-seater golf cart for sale?

Intended Use: Determine how you plan to use the eight-seater golf cart. Will it be primarily for golfing, transportation within a community or resort, or other specific purposes? This will help you choose the right features and specifications.

Battery Type and Range: Electric golf carts rely on batteries for power. Consider the battery type (lead-acid or lithium-ion) and the range it offers on a single charge. Ensure the range is sufficient for your needs, taking into account factors such as terrain, passenger load, and any additional accessories or cargo.

Charging Time: Check the charging time required to fully charge the batteries. Faster charging times can be convenient, especially if you have limited time between uses.

Features and Accessories: Determine the specific features and accessories you desire. These can include headlights, taillights, turn signals, mirrors, seat belts, weather enclosures, storage options, and more. Consider which features are essential for your needs.

Customization Options: Some golf carts offer customization options, allowing you to personalize a custom electric golf cart. Check if the golf cart manufacturers or dealer provides customization services, such as custom paint, upgraded seats, or unique accessories.

Warranty and Support: Inquire about the warranty provided by the manufacturer or dealer. Understand the coverage and duration of the warranty. Additionally, consider the availability of authorized service centers and support in your area.

Budget: Set a budget for your golf cart cost, taking into account the initial cost, maintenance costs, and any potential upgrades or customizations. Consider both the short-term and long-term costs of owning the golf cart.

Safety Features: Ensure the eight seater golf cart is equipped with safety features such as headlights, taillights, turn signals, mirrors, seat belts, and a horn. Some models may also have additional safety features like a windshield, parking brake, or speed limiter.

Test Drive: Whenever possible, test drive the eight seater golf cart before making a decision. This allows you to evaluate its performance, comfort, handling, and overall satisfaction with the vehicle.

Are there any maintenance requirements for 8-seater electric golf carts for sale?

Battery Maintenance: The battery is a crucial component of an 8-seater electric golf cart. Regular maintenance includes checking the battery's water levels (if applicable), cleaning the battery terminals, and ensuring proper charging habits.

Tire Inspection: Regularly inspect the tires for wear, proper inflation, and any signs of damage. Maintain the recommended tire pressure to ensure optimal performance and safety of 8 seater electric golf cart.

Brake System: Inspect the brake system regularly for proper functioning. This includes checking brake fluid levels (if applicable), inspecting brake pads or shoes for wear, and adjusting the brakes if necessary.

Cleaning: Keep the eight-person golf cart clean by washing it regularly. This helps to prevent dirt and debris buildup, which can affect its performance and appearance. Pay attention to cleaning the battery terminals and connections as well.

Electrical Components: Check the lights, turn signals, and other electrical components to ensure they are functioning correctly. Replace any faulty bulbs or fuses as needed.

Lubrication: Lubricate moving parts, such as steering components and suspension, according to the electric golf cart manufacturer's recommendations. This helps to maintain smooth operation and prolong the lifespan of these parts.

Regular Inspections: Conduct periodic inspections of the overall condition of the golf cart, including the frame, seats, belts, and other components. Look for signs of wear, loose connections, or any potential issues that may require attention.

Can an 8-seater electric golf cart be used for purposes other than golfing?

Resorts and Hotels: Like 8 seater classic golf cart, Etong 8-seater electric golf carts can be used in large resorts and hotels to transport guests within the premises, such as from the reception area to different amenities like pools, restaurants, or guest accommodations.

Campuses: Many universities, colleges, and schools use eight-person golf carts to provide transportation across their campuses, making it easier for students, faculty, and staff to move between buildings and facilities.

Retirement Communities: Eight-seater golf carts are popular in retirement communities or senior living complexes, where they provide a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation for residents to move around the community.

Parks and Recreation Areas: Eight passenger golf carts can be found in parks, recreational areas, and nature reserves, assisting with patrolling, maintenance, and providing transportation for visitors.

Industrial and Commercial Sites: Some industrial or commercial sites, such as large warehouses, manufacturing plants, or corporate campuses, utilize cargo golf carts for internal transportation of personnel, equipment, or supplies.

Events and Festivals: The 8 person golf cart for sale can be used at events and festivals to transport staff, performers, or attendees within the event grounds.

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