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Safe Driving of Electric Golf Carts Is Extremely Important

Safety Tips for Driving Electric Golf Carts

Although electric golf carts are easy to operate, they can also pose dangers if not used properly. Therefore, it's important to pay attention to safety when using them. Safety here refers to both personal safety and the safety of the golf course environment.

To ensure the safety of your electric golf cart, we remind you of the following precautions:

  • Before Driving an Electric Golf Cart

    Before starting the electric golf cart, make sure that the caddy yells "OK".

  • During the Driving of Electric Golf Carts

    Don't use your phone while driving;

    When driving an electric golf cart, pay attention to the surrounding players. Once you notice someone is preparing to hit the ball, stop the cart, wait for them to hit, and then continue driving;

    While driving an electric golf cart, maintain a steady speed to avoid making too much noise;

    Be careful when driving through curves and steep hills. Slow down when going downhill/turning, try to avoid the guardrail, and ensure your safety as well as that of the caddy;

    Please keep your valuables with you and don't leave them on the electric golf cart in order to prevent loss;

Regulations for Driving Electric Golf Carts

Due to different seasons and golf course conditions, different driving rules are implemented for electric golf carts. The most common ones are listed as follows:

Only drive electric golf carts on the fairway

This rule applies to courses with soft ground to avoid damaging the turf.

The 90-Degree Rule for Electric Golf Carts

When the club permits driving electric golf carts on the course, they should mainly drive on the fairway. Once you reach a position level with where the ball is, make a 90-degree turn, cross the fairway, and drive directly to the ball. Drive back to the fairway in the same way and continue forward.

Adhering to the 90-degree rule allows players to hit the ball with minimal damage to the fairway.

It's important to remember that driving electric golf carts and pushcarts on practice ranges and tee boxes is strictly prohibited and can cause serious damage to the golf course, which is unforgivable.

Usually, there are signs on the golf course indicating the areas where electric golf carts can be driven or parked and they should be strictly followed.

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