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With an elegant and smooth appearance, advanced vehicle technology, complete equipment, and stable performance, combining the advanced international power sources of electric machines and electric control, Etong wholesale electric golf carts are supposed to meet people's pursuit of high-end custom golf carts for sale.

As an environmentally friendly passenger vehicle designed and developed electric golf car company, Etong electric golf cart can also be used in resorts, villas, garden-style hotels, tourist attractions,  airports, closed communities as well as campuses and etc. We have 2 seater golf cart for sale, 4 person golf cart for sale, a 6-person golf cart for sale, and 8 person golf cart for sale for our customers to choose from.

Etong not only meets common standards but also can meet customers' specific varieties or specifications. With our strong R&D team, we are very strong in custom-made golf carts. Customers can build their own electric golf carts according to their needs.

Types Of Wholesale Electric Golf Carts

Etong Wholesale's electric golf carts come in a variety of types, including 2-seater golf carts, 4-seater golf carts, 6-seater  golf carts and 8-seater golf carts. Each electric golf cart is specially designed for unique uses and applications.

Wholesale Electric Golf Carts Advantages

Wholesale Electric Golf Carts Advantages
  • Green and Environmental Protection

    An electric car golf cart is driven by a battery power supply, which is an emission-free and environmentally friendly vehicle.

  • Slightly Less Costly

    Generally speaking, wholesale electric golf carts will cost you less money, compared to a gas-powered cart. Electric golf cars prices are cheaper to operate for the same reason that they are cheaper to buy.

  • Ease of Use

    Compared with gas golf carts, wholesale electric golf carts are certainly easier to drive and maintain.

How do I choose the right Electric Golf Carts for me?

Seating Capacity: Consider the number of people you expect to regularly transport in the golf cart. Electric golf carts typically come in various seating configurations, ranging from 2-seater golf carts4-seater electric golf carts6-seater electric golf carts, and 8-passenger golf carts or more.

Power and Performance: Assess the power and performance capabilities of the electric car golf cart. Look at factors such as motor power, battery capacity, and range. Consider whether you need a cart with enough power to tackle hilly terrain or if you require a longer battery range for extended use.

Safety Features: Ensure the electric carts for golf has essential safety features such as headlights, brake lights, turn signals, mirrors, and seat belts. Some models may also offer additional safety features like a horn, parking brake, or windshield.

Comfort and Convenience: Consider the comfort and convenience features that are important to you. This can include factors such as seating comfort, suspension, storage space, cup holders, USB ports for charging devices, and other amenities.

Budget: Determine your budget range to buy electric golf carts. 

Wholesale Electric Golf Carts Production

Etong electric golf cars for sale adopt a bidirectional rack and pinion steering system, double-arm independent suspension, and double-circuit four-wheel hydraulic, which is comfortable and practical, yet fun and stylish. Customers can feel the difference in Etong electric car golf carts' performance. With unique style, comfortable grip, and enough leg room, you can enjoy your ride and driving experience freely.

Customers can build golf cart electric cars according to their specifications and preferences with completely customizable options including color, seats, wheels, windshields, canopies, and everything in between, there are hundreds of ways to personalize an Etong custom electric golf cart.

Wholesale Electric Golf Carts FAQs

  • Q

    How much does a new electric golf cart cost?


    Electric golf cart prices vary depending on the electric golf cart brands, models, features, and accessories. On average, a basic model of an electric golf cart can range from $5,000 to $8,000. However, high-end models with advanced features such as GPS, air conditioning, and customized custom golf carts can cost upwards of $15,000 to $20,000. It's important to note that the electric golf car price can vary depending on the location, dealer markup, and taxes. Additionally, some electric golf cart dealers may offer financing options or leasing programs that can make the upfront cost more manageable.

  • Q

    What are the requirements for operating a street legal electric golf cart on the road?


    Valid Driver's License: Typically, you will need a valid driver's license to operate a street legal electric golf cart on public roads.

    Minimum Age: There may be a minimum age requirement to operate a golf cart electric car on the road. This can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

    Insurance: Some areas may require liability insurance coverage for street-legal golf carts.

    Vehicle Registration: You may need to register your golf cart with the appropriate local authorities and obtain a registration sticker or license plate.

    Safety Equipment: Street legal electric carts often need to be equipped with safety features such as headlights, taillights, turn signals, mirrors, seat belts, and windshield (if applicable).

    Speed Limit: There may be specific speed limits for golf carts on public roads, which you must adhere to.

    Road Restrictions: Certain roads, highways, or areas may have restrictions on golf cart usage. It's essential to understand the local regulations regarding where you can and cannot drive your electric car golf cart.

  • Q

    What is the range of an electric golf cart?


    The range of an electric car golf cart can vary depending on several factors such as battery capacity, terrain, speed, load, and driving conditions. On average, most electric carts for golfs have a range between 20 to 40 miles (32 to 64 kilometers) on a single charge. However, it's important to note that there are electric golf carts available with extended range options that can provide a higher mileage per charge. When considering the range, it's advisable to review the specifications and consult with the electric golf cart manufacturers or electric golf cart dealers for the specific model you are interested in, as the range can vary between different carts.

  • Q

    How to make electric car golf cart go faster?


    Usually, the speed of an electric car golf cart is between 18 and 24 km/h, but, which is not enough in some aspects. If customers want to make electric car golf carts go faster, there is a method that to adjust the gearbox. But please note that you need to confirm with your golf cart manufacturer before you adjust the gearbox.

  • Q

    How to extend the battery life of electric carts for golf?


    Please avoid accelerating way too hard from a stop when driving electric carts for golf. And please also keep the electric carts for golf at a steady speed. 

  • Q

    What are the rules and precautions for a golf cart electric car on the course?


    There is no need for a driver's license to drive a golf cart electric car on the course, but you also need to know the basics of the driving rules on the course. Firstly, you are not allowed to damage the turf or affect other people on the course. The golf cart electric car should be driven at a constant speed to avoid loud noise. Secondly, there are usually signs on the course indicating the use and parking of golf cart electric cars, and players should follow them strictly.

  • Q

    Which is cheaper to operate gas or electric golf cars?


    Compared with a gas golf cart, an electric golf car is cheaper to operate for the same reason that it is cheaper to buy. A gas golf cart will require oil changes and parts replacements over time, which will rack up both labor and material expenses. An electric golf car only needs its batteries replaced from time to time and battery water check about once a month. Maintain your battery well and it’ll last you around five years!

  • Q

    Which is better gas or electric golf car?


    The answer to whether gas or electric car golf carts are better depends on individual preferences and needs. Electric carts for golf are more environmentally friendly, while gas carts may offer more power and range.

  • Q

    What type of maintenance do electric car golf carts require?


    Electric carts for golf require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Some common maintenance tasks include:

    Battery Maintenance: Regularly check and maintain the battery, including cleaning the terminals, checking water levels (for flooded lead-acid batteries), and ensuring proper charging and storage practices.

    Tire Maintenance: Inspect and maintain proper tire pressure, rotate tires periodically, and check for wear and tear. Replace tires when necessary.

    Cleaning: Keep the golf cart car clean by washing the exterior regularly and wiping down the seats and interior components. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that could damage the cart's surfaces.

    Electrical System: Inspect and maintain the electrical system, including lights, indicators, and wiring connections. Replace any faulty components or bulbs.

    Lubrication: Lubricate moving parts, such as wheel bearings and suspension components, to reduce friction and ensure smooth operation.

    Brake Maintenance: Regularly inspect and adjust the brakes, including brake pads and cables, to ensure proper functioning.

    Frame and Body: Inspect the frame and body for any signs of damage or rust. Repair or replace damaged parts as needed.

    Regular Check-ups: Schedule regular check-ups with a professional wholesale electric golf cart technician to identify any potential issues and perform necessary maintenance tasks.

  • Q

    How much does it cost to charge an electric golf cart?


    The cost to charge an electric golf cart can vary depending on the electricity rates in your area and the capacity of the golf cart's battery. On average, it may cost around $1 to $2 to fully charge an electric golf cart, resulting in a low cost per mile compared to traditional gas-powered carts.

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