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6 Seater Golf Cart Y-QA6

Etong 6 seater golf cart features slow speed, small horsepower, only forward, turning and other controls, which mainly serves the vast number of new energy vehicle users, as well as scenic spots, factories, real estate, hotels, resorts, campuses, parks, government departments, airports, wharves and other places.

  • 6 seater golf cart
  • 6 seater golf cart

Features Of 6 Seater Golf Cart Y-QA6

  • 6 Seater Golf Cart High Strength Steel Structure Chassis
    High strength steel structure chassis

    Corrosion resistant, not easy to rust. Adopt special rear axle for electric vehicles, reliable performance, safety, low noise.

  • 6 Seater Golf Cart American KDS
    American KDS

    5KW AC motor, no maintenance, longer service life, more convenient. KDS AC controller, more smooth control, more power, longer life.

  • 6 Seater Golf Cart Standard LED Headlights
    Standard LED headlights

    Turn signals, and running lamps light your drive, make you more visible to traffic.

Specification Of 6 Seater Golf Cart Y-QA6

Rated Load(including driver)6 person (including driver)
Dimension4000mm*1200mm*1800mm (L*W*H)
Vehicle Weight590kg
Vehicle Load510kg
Front Wheelbase860mm
Rear Wheelbase970mm
Minimum Ground Clearance114mm
Maximum Speed (full load)24km/h
Braking Distance≤4500mm
Min.Turning Radius5100mm
Maximum Grade Ability (full load)20%
Motor Rated Power5KW AC
Charging Time10 hours
Driving Range50-70km
Tire18/8.5-8 tire

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