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With strong power, stable chassis, Etong lifted hunting golf carts witness the excellent technology of recreational vehicles, improve the stability of driving performance at the same time, so that the control performance is greatly improved, across the river, across the valley, between the city, Etong lifted hunting golf cart always let you have new discoveries.

Etong lifted hunting golf cart is suitable for outdoor play, beach and other hilly areas, which is widely used in golf course, tourist attractions, villa, farm and etc.

Types Of Electric Lifted Hunting Golf Cart for Sale

Make your golfing experience even better with our selection of Lifted golf carts. You can choose from our wide range of products, including  2-seater lifted golf carts, versatile 4-seater lifted golf carts, functional 4-seater lifted golf carts with cargo space, and 4+2 lifted golf carts .

Advantages of Etong Lifted Hunting Golf Carts

Advantages of Etong Lifted Hunting Golf Carts
  • Energy Efficiency

    Etong Lifted golf cart for sale is powered by electric, energy saving and high efficiency will help reduce energy costs for enterprises and residents.

  • Strong Power

    Etong lifted electric golf carts adopt Curtis controller imported from US, which has strong power and excellence climbing ability. Regardless of the terrain,Etong lifted electric golf carts for sale are ready to go whenever you are.

  • Ergonomic Design

    Etong lifted electric golf cart's seat is actually very ergonomically designed to contain enough spaces for all your needs.

Electric Lifted Hunting Golf Cart Production

Etong lifted golf cart adopts modular, lightweight and standardized design concepts, which has a variety of seat and container configuration options, making the lifted golf cart more practical and changeable. 

The control system adopts curtis controller imported from the United States, and the mileage is 90-120km on average (on flat ground) according to the actual use. This series of cars can allow you to experience the pleasure of driving as you like. The first-class motor ensures excellent climbing performance. It is your best choice.

Why Choose Etong As Your Lifted Golf Cart Manufacturer?

Quality Assurance: As one of the professional golf cart manufacturers, Etong has a strong R&D team, a strong technical force, a complete production base, and an experienced custom golf carts for sale marketing team. Each lifted electric golf carts for sale is 100% tested as well as get CE, FCC, ROHS and etc. certification.

Customization Options: With an experienced custom golf carts for sale marketing team, Etong supports to  customize eco-friendly lifted electric golf carts according to customers' specifications and preferences. Whether you prioritize aesthetics or functionality, our aim is to be your preferred dealership for lifted golf carts, offering a consistently high level of professional service.

Customer Service: Etong has long-time experience in manufacturing lifted golf carts for sale.With dedicated staff, the services are always top-notch. Our global customer can enjoy the seamless purchasing process,  with swift delivery and timely maintenance services. You can choose available sizes  and have them delivered to your location. Regardless of where you are located, Etong can deliver lifted golf carts.

Price Competitiveness: Etong provides our global customer a chance to buy lifted golf carts in bulk, resulting in exceptional price competitiveness. You are welcomed to inquire about our lifted electric golf carts and enjoy great profits.

2, 4, And 6 Seater Lifted Electric Golf Carts, How To Choose?

Choosing 2, 4, or 6 seater lifted electric golf cart offered by  Etong depends on your intended use and preferences.Here are some factors to consider:

Passenger Capacity: If you are a golf enthusiast and intend to use your lifted electric golf cart on golf courses, a two seater golf carts for sale is enough to suffce your needs. However, if you are expecting more passengers or need extra space for equipment or luggage, a 4 or 6-seater golf cart would be more suitable.

Size and Maneuverability: Larger golf cart can be more difficult to maneuver, especially in tight spaces. If you’ll be driving in areas with narrow paths or tight turns, a smaller 2-seater golf cart may be easier to handle.

Storage Space: More storage space is a feature of larger golf carts, which is advantageous if you need to transport equipment, luggage, or other things. You may need more storage capacity if you intend to utilize the golf cart for outdoor activities like camping or hunting. Some 4 and 6-seater lifted hunting golf carts have rear seats that can be converted into a cargo deck.

Cost: Larger lifted hunting golf carts are generally more expensive than smaller ones. Consider your budget and the value you’ll get from the extra seats or storage space.

FAQs Of Etong Electric Lifted Hunting Golf Cart

  • Q

    What are the advantages of a lifted golf cart?


    Compared with ordinary golf cart used in golf course, Lifted golf cart has simple operation, high mobility, short braking distance, robust and solid chassis, which is your best choice for field work, hunting, patrolling and etc.

  • Q

    What is a lifted golf cart?


    A lifted golf cart is a modified version of a standard golf cart with an altered suspension system. lifted golf carts have an adjustable suspension that raises the entire vehicle higher above the ground. This modification increases the ground clearance, making the cart better suited for off-road use and uneven terrain. Lifted golf carts are popular for recreational purposes, as they provide improved capability to navigate rough landscapes, trails, or areas with obstacles. 

  • Q

    What is the difference between lifted and non lifted golf carts?


    Non-lifted golf carts have a standard height and fixed suspension, suitable for smooth terrains like golf courses. On the other hand, lifted golf carts have adjustable suspensions, allowing users to raise or lower the cart. Lifted carts are advantageous for off-roading, reducing the risk of damage when encountering obstacles like rocks or tree roots. They also provide better visibility on hills. In summary, non-lifted carts are standard and best for regular use, while lifted carts offer flexibility for diverse terrains and off-road adventures.

  • Q

    What types of terrains can Etong Lifted Golf Carts handle?


    Etong Lifted Golf Carts are versatile and can handle various terrains, including off-road trails with rocks and uneven surfaces, grassy fields for events and camping, wooded areas for exploration, hilly terrain with improved stability, sandy beaches, muddy paths, and even certain industrial settings like construction sites. The adjustable suspension and increased ground clearance make lifted golf carts ideal for diverse outdoor activities, providing users with the flexibility to navigate different landscapes comfortably and safely.

  • Q

    How do I maintain Etong Lifted Golf Cart?


    Although Etong  lifted golf carts offer enhanced off-road capabilities, regular maintenance is crucial to prolong the life and performance of your Lifted Golf Cart. Routinely inspect tires, the suspension system, and the battery (for electric models). Ensure the cart stays clean and lubricate moving parts.

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