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With strong power, stable chassis, Etong lifted hunting golf carts witness the excellent technology of recreational vehicles, improve the stability of driving performance at the same time, so that the control performance is greatly improved, across the river, across the valley, between the city, Etong lifted hunting golf cart always let you have new discoveries.

Etong lifted hunting golf cart is suitable for outdoor play, beach and other hilly areas, which is widely used in golf course, tourist attractions, villa, farm and etc.

Types Of Lifted Golf Cart For Sale

Advantages Of Lifted Golf Cart

Advantages Of Lifted Golf Cart
  • Energy Efficiency

    Etong Lifted golf cart is powered by electric, energy saving and high efficiency will help reduce energy costs for enterprises and residents.

  • Strong Power

    Etong Lifted golf cart adopts Curtis controller imported from US, which has strong power and excellence climbing ability.

  • Ergonomic Design

    Etong Lifted golf cart's seat is actually very ergonomically designed to contain enough spaces for all your needs.

Lifted Golf Cart Production

Etong lifted golf cart adopts modular, lightweight and standardized design concepts, which has a variety of seat and container configuration options, making the lifted golf cart more practical and changeable. 

The control system adopts curtis controller imported from the United States, and the mileage is 90-120km on average (on flat ground) according to the actual use. This series of cars can allow you to experience the pleasure of driving as you like. The first-class motor ensures excellent climbing performance. It is your best choice.

FAQs Of Etong Lifted Golf Cart

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    What are the advantages of a lifted golf cart?


    Compared with ordinary golf cart used in golf course, Lifted golf cart has simple operation, high mobility, short braking distance, robust and solid chassis, which is your best choice for field work, hunting, patrolling and etc.

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