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ETONG golf cart wholesale are environmentally friendly passenger vehicles designed and developed for golf courses, resorts, villas, garden-style hotels, tourist attractions, airports, and more.

Types of Golf Cart and Motorized Utility Carts Wholesale

ETONG has a large range of electric carts like electric golf cart, electric shuttle bus, electric lifted golf cart, electric electric classic cart, electric utility vehicles, electric self-driving vehicle, electric mobility scooter, electric pallet truck, electric stacker etc, which are widely used in the golf course, universities, hospitals, theme parks, resorts, hotels as well as airports and etc.

What Are Electric Utility Carts for Sale Used For?

As a small-sized and all-electric utility vehicle, Etong's electric utility vehicles for sale are specially designed for a variety of applications in different fields such as the business sector and hobby areas.

Etong electric utility carts cover a large range of vehicles including electric carts for golf, lifted electric golf carts, electric shuttle buses, classic golf carts,  electric cargo cars, electric sanitation trucks, electric patrol cars, electric fire trucks, self-driving electric carts, electric mobility scooter, electric pallet stacker as well as an electric pallet truck and etc.

Since driven by battery power supply, Etong electric utility carts can be used to carry loads and people. It is aimed to prevent environmental pollution by using electricity , which is practical and environmentally friendly, is also affordable.

The Contributions Of Electric Utility Carts To The Environment

The Contributions Of Electric Utility Carts To The Environment

As consumers and corporations seek ways to lower carbon footprint, electric utility vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. With low-emissions, high efficiency, ease of maneuverability and low cost characteristics, Etong electric utility carts can be used for a variety of purposes such as farms, warehouses, shopping centres, parking lots, public open-spaces, universities, schools and even golf courses.

Compared with gas utility cart producing harmful emissions, electric utility carts for sale are environmentally friendly and produce no emissions at all. It is also no noise pollution. It is possible to arm your gas utility cart with a muffler but it's impossible to completely silence the engine noises. electric utility carts were designed to be as quiet as possible and are even employed for hunting because they don't scare away the wildlife.

Why Choose Etong Golf Cart Wholesale?

Strong R & D team

As one of the professional golf cart manufacturers, Etong has a strong R&D team, a strong technical force, a complete production base, and an experienced custom golf carts for sale marketing team.

CE, FCC, ROHS Certification

Each Etong wholesale golf carts for sale is 100% tested as well as get CE, FCC, ROHS and etc. certification.

OEM & ODM Service

Etong provides OEM and ODM custom-made golf carts service for our global customers to get a win-win situation.

Customized Services

Etong supports to built electric utility carts according to customers' specifications and preferences with completely customizable options for special projects.

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