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Equipped with unique and individual operation system, agile and smooth steering system, and independent suspension system, ETONG electric utility vehicle has a great performance as well as a wide range of utility vehicle options. 

ETONG electric utility vehicle are designed and built for long life cycles and maximum capability in any environment, which covers electric cargo car, electric sanitation truck, electric patrol car, electric fire truck and so on, which is wide used in cargo transportation, road sweeping, street patrolling, firefighting and etc.    

Types Of Electric Utility Vehicle For Sale

As one of the professional manufacturers of electric utility vehicles in China,  Etong is offering a forward-looking range of electric utility vehicles, including electric patrol vehicles, electric fire trucks, electric sanitation trucks and electric cargo trucks, to meet the diversified needs for multi-functional solutions.

Advantages Of Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale

Advantages Of Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale
  • Economical and Practical

    With the advantages of convenience of design, ease of application and low cost, electric utility vehicle is widely used in short-distance transport.

  • Environmental Protection

    electric utility vehicle use power battery, which will not produce exhaust gas when working. No exhaust pollution, can be said to be almost "zero pollution".

  • Low Noise Emission

    electric utility vehicle don't make as much noise as drivetrains, and the noise they make is almost negligible.

Electric Utility Vehicle Production

  • Etong electric utility vehicle has various models which are suitable for different scenarios.

  • Electric cargo car mainly solves the problem of goods transportation in a small area such as factories and wharves.

  • Electric sanitation truck adopts hydraulic automation technology, so that the garbage recycling, dumping operation process more smoothly.

  • Electric patrol car is especially suitable for patrol tasks in pedestrian streets, tourist attractions, real estate, sports venues, nursing homes and other fields.

  • Electric fire truck mainly used in streets, communities and factories to prevent fire and the initial emergency treatment.

FAQs Of Etong Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale

  • Q

    What should pay attention to when choosing an electric patrol car?


    Define the function of the electric patrol car. Consider wind resistance. For top layer insulation, there is little need to consider sun protection. If used for functional Spaces, consider insulation, sun protection, water resistance and winter insulation.

  • Q

    How to save power when the electric sanitation truck is driving?


    Firstly, avoid to overweight. 

    Secondly, if you want to accelerate, turn the handle slowly, pay attention to gradually accelerate, avoid immediate acceleration.

  • Q

    Why electric fire truck use less water?


    ① Water tank volume is small. 

    ② The electric fire truck equipped with quality extinguishing agent.

    ③ Adopt low pressure jet fire fighting idea.

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