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Guang Dong Etong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Etong has the world's leading autonomous driving navigation technology and is committed to making unmanned systems everywhere. Unity Drive focuses on creating safe, stable and mass-produced self-driving vehicles, and provides complete, efficient and replicable smart logistics solutions, leading the development of smart logistics in the Industry 4.0 era.

Unity Drive combines the leading advantages in the autonomous driving industry and the technology accumulation of mass-produced commercial vehicle chassis to provide unmanned driving capacity solutions for software and hardware research and development, body design and production, and TaaS (capacity as a service) operation. The main products include unmanned logistics vehicles, manned shuttle vehicles, remote driving systems and cloud dispatch monitoring systems.

Types Of Self Driving Electric Car For Sale

Explore a range of electric cars with self-driving capabilities at Etong, from Multifunctional Autonomous Vehicle,  Mini Self Driving Electric Carto Autonomous Street Sweeper and Autonomous Shuttle Vehicle. Experience the convenience and innovation of autonomous electric vehicles that offer efficient and eco-friendly mobility.

Advantages Of Self Driving Electric Car

Advantages Of Self Driving Electric Car
  • Advanced Technology

    Full-stack algorithm; all-weather and full-road operation; rapid deployment; safety redundancy.

  • Multiple Safety Guarantees

    Follow the relevant standards and rules of automatic driving, comply with behavior, functional safety, collision, non-collision safety and network safety, etc.

  • Multiple Safety Guarantees Multi-scenario Application Verification

    Industrial logistics-Foxconn, on-time delivery; express logistics-SF Express, Cainiao; public road verification-Suzhou High-speed Rail New City, Zibo City, Shenzhen Pingshan.

Self Driving Electric Car Production

FAQs Of Self Driving Electric Car

  • Q

    What is Etong self driving electric car's application?


    Etong self driving electric car has a wide application, which can be used in garden, factory, community, campus, shopping mall, scenic spot, park, hospital, hotel, harbors, wharfs as well as airports and etc.

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    Does Etong self driving electric car can be applied indoor?


    Etong self driving electric car can be used both indoor and outdoor. It breaks the traditional positioning method, which runs smoothly without relying on GPS.

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