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Autonomous Shuttle Vehicle

Autonomous shuttle vehicle can complete fixed-line automatic MRT, connection, sightseeing, display, and automatic station stops in various parks and scenic spots. It is currently in Shenzhen Huawei headquarters, Many scenes such as Deqing Geographic Information Town, etc. carry out manned connection operations.

  • autonomous shuttle vehicle
  • autonomous shuttle vehicle

Features Of Autonomous Shuttle Vehicle

  • Autonomous Shuttle Vehicle Multiple Modes
    Multiple Modes

    Etong autonomous shuttle vehicle has three rows of seats, which can carry7 people in total. Optional bus mode and taxi mode, taxi mode operates 24 hours a day.

  • Autonomous Shuttle Vehicle Driving Mode
    Driving Mode

    With basic driving functions, it can realize functions such as beckon and stop, automatic stop at the station, etc. Optional automatic driving and manual driving modes.

  • Autonomous Shuttle Vehicle Equipped with APP
    Equipped with APP

    Providing vehicle reservation, shared driving,interconnection platform, automatic parking and charging services. With multiple core intellectual property rights, three core functions are escorted.

Specification Of Autonomous Shuttle Vehicle

Body length/width/height3960*1500*1890mm
Maximum load560kg
Carrying passengers7
Gradeability (no load)20%
Maximum travel speed30km/h
Recharge mileage100km
Minimum operating temperature-10℃
Maximum operating temperature50℃
Working environmentSuitable for standard operating weather such as sunny, rainy, light
fog, light haze, etc.
Type of batteryLithium iron phosphate battery (lithium ion battery)
Battery capacity106Ah*78.6V
Charging methodBattery replacement / manual charging (220V AC)
Charging time4h

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