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Autonomous Street Sweeper

Autonomous street sweeper adopts fully autonomous driving and navigation technology, which can efficiently identify the road spacing and cleaning range, automatically plan the cleaning route, realize comprehensive cleaning, and achieve full.

  • autonomous street sweeper
  • autonomous street sweeper

Features Of Autonomous Street Sweeper

  • Autonomous Street Sweeper No Dead Corner Cleaning
    No Dead Corner Cleaning

    Autonomous street sweeper adopts high quality cleaning bristles, which is easy to remove dirt without damage. It can make 360° clean which is also called no dead corner cleaning.

  • Autonomous Street Sweeper Unmanned/Manned Dual-mode Driving
    Unmanned/Manned Dual-mode Driving

    The leader of autonomous systems in the era of human-machine intelligence let the unmanned capacity system reach everywhere. It also adopts unmanned and manned dual-mode driving.

  • Autonomous Street Sweeper Cloud Monitoring
    Cloud Monitoring

    Automatic data collection and data return, key data desensitization.

Specification Of Autonomous Street Sweeper 

Body length/width/height2100*1950*2200mm
Cleaning Width1900mm
Maximum Cleaning Capacity13000m²/h
Cleaning Efficiency2340-3600m²/h
Running Noise56-70db
Battery Life6h
5% Sodium Hypochlorite/6% Hydrogen Peroxide

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