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Electric Cargo Car

Electric cargo car is a kind of modern environmentally-friendly model designed for the transportation of goods in a small area such as factories and wharves. As one of the leading utility vehicle manufacturers, Etong electric cargo vehicles offer versatility and customization options. The size of the cargo bucket, container and the load of the electric truck can be customized according to customers' requirements. Contact us today and elevate your cargo management with our cutting-edge electric cargo vehicles. 

  • electric cargo vehicle
  • electric cargo vehicle

Features Of Electric Cargo Car

  • Electric Cargo Car Motor And Control System Technology
    Etong electric cargo car adopts high quality and high power motor and control system technology

    So that it has the characteristics of large load and more powerful power.

  • Electric Cargo Car Large Capacity Battery
    Electric cargo car's large capacity battery ensures its long range

     At the same time, the super chassis design makes its safety performance more stable. 

  • Multi-function Electric Cargo Car
    Electric cargo car has the characteristics of multi-function

    Multi-purpose, beautiful appearance, comfortable riding, dexterous driving and so on.

Specification Of Electric Cargo Car

Rated Load(including driver)2 person (including driver)
Dimension3400mm*1200mm*1800mm (L*W*H)
Size of trunk1700mm*1200mm*250mm (L*W*H)
Vehicle Weight560kg
Vehicle Load600kg
Front Wheelbase860mm
Rear Wheelbase970mm
Minimum Ground Clearance114mm
Maximum Speed (full load)24km/h
Braking Distance≤4500mm
Min.Turning Radius3600mm
Maximum Grade Ability (full load)25%
Motor Rated Power5KW AC
Charging Time10 hours
Driving Range50-70km

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