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Electric Fire Truck

With efficient and stable performance, Etong electric fire truck is convenient to operate, which is also light and safe for quick fire handling. This electric powered fire truck is suitable for factories, street communities, large shopping malls, schools, scenic spots and other places, conducive to the daily fire patrol, fire prevention. As one of the professional electric utility vehicle manufacturers in China, ETONG takes pride in delivering top-tier electric fire trucks that not only prioritize the safety of first responders and the public but also contribute to a greener and cleaner environment. Invest in our wholesale electric fire trucks to experience the future of firefighting technology, where innovation meets reliability and environmental responsibility.

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Features Of Etong Electric Powered Fire Truck

  • Electric Fire Truck Energy Saving And Environmental Protection
    Energy saving and environmental protection

    Low running cost, small models can quickly reach some narrow streets, before the arrival of the big fire truck to control the fire can be said to be in the bud fire fighting.

  • Electric Fire Truck Electric Fire Truck
    Electric fire truck is equipped with fire suits

    Fire hydrant wrenches, fire axes, fire extinguishers, fire pumps and other tools.

  • Electric Fire Truck Modular Design
    Etong electric fire truck adopts modular design

    And the container as well as internal equipment frame all adopting lightweight aluminum alloy profiles, which greatly improve the performance of the whole car.

Speficication of Electric Powered Fire Truck

Overall DimensionL3500-5200*W15000*H2200mm
Gross Weight1000kg-15000kg
Max. Speed30km/h (adjustable)
Max. degree of climbing25%
Driving Range80-100km
Battery72V maintenance-free battery/lithium battery
Charge Time6-8 hours
Motor Power5kw/7.5kw
Allowable Passenger2-5 people

Benefits of Electric Powered Fire Truck

Environmental Sustainability: Electric powered fire trucks contribute to a greener environment by reducing carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. The use of electricity as a power source aligns with efforts to promote sustainability and reduce the ecological impact of emergency response vehicles.

Less noise: Electric powered fire trucks operate more quietly compared to traditional diesel-powered counterparts. A fully electric fire truck enhanced communication within the vehicle's cab, minimizing on-scene noise, and facilitating clearer communication for firefighters.

Lower Operating Costs: Electric powered fire trucks generally have lower operating costs than traditional combustion engine vehicles. With fewer mechanical components and the efficiency of electric motors, maintenance costs of fire truck electric car can be reduced, providing potential long-term savings for fire departments.

Energy Efficiency: Electric powered fire trucks are known for their high energy efficiency. Electric motors convert a significant portion of the electrical energy into motion, resulting in better overall efficiency compared to internal combustion engines. The high efficiency of electric fire truck contributes to prolonged operation and improved response times.

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