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What to Consider When Buying an Electric Patrol Car?

Currently, most countries have made energy-saving, emission reduction, and green development their main themes, so the development of electric vehicles is rapidly progressing. Electric patrol vehicles have become the exclusive transportation tool for law enforcement officers.

Electric patrol vehicles use superior automotive chassis technology and MacPherson independent suspension. They are equipped with large and high-strength toughened glass, which emphasizes practicality and is equipped with a voltmeter, ammeter, turn indicator, directional switch, hazard alert switch, and combination switch. This integrates warning lights, megaphones, and other law enforcement systems and provides mobile and flexible convenience for patrol tasks.

What places are suitable for electric patrol vehicles?

To adapt to different road conditions, enhance the carrying capacity of patrol cars, improve shock absorption performance and achieve smoother driving, the vehicles are equipped with high-capacity battery packs that provide extra-long mileage, effectively meeting the special requirements of security patrols. The climbing ability of the patrol cars reaches 20%, ensuring the ample power and strong climbing ability of the vehicles.

The range of electric patrol vehicles has also greatly improved with the use of new energy batteries as a power source, with zero emissions and environmental protection. The powerful electric patrol vehicles can travel about 100 kilometers when fully charged, ensuring the work time of the electric patrol vehicles and improving the efficiency of patrol tasks.

This makes electric patrol vehicles convenient for social law enforcement while providing excellent value for money, and it is widely loved. It is important to take care of the vehicle properly during daily use to prolong its lifespan and reduce expenses.

When selecting electric patrol vehicles, what should we consider?


The first thing to consider when choosing electric patrol vehicles is the brand. A reliable brand ensures both the quality of the vehicle and the quality of after-sales service.


The primary styles of electric patrol vehicles are enclosed and open. Buyers can negotiate more detailed styles with the factory. Therefore, there is still a lot of room for choice in terms of style. If buyers have their own desired styles, they can suggest a direct customization with the factory.


Configuration is also important when selecting electric patrol vehicles, as it directly affects the overall feeling. Additionally, the brands of the components used, such as batteries and tires, should also be examined.


The price of electric patrol vehicles is a concern. For similar products, buyers can compare options from at least two different companies before deciding, which will lead to a better choice.

Today, we see clean and beautiful patrol vehicles on the streets, bustling through various streets and alleys, effectively protecting law enforcement officers from harm while making significant contributions to maintaining public safety. Electric patrol vehicles have become an essential part of our daily lives.

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