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What Rules and Considerations Should Be Followed when Using a Golf Cart on the Course?

Today, let me tell you about it. As we all know, golf courses are very large, and golf carts are convenient means of transportation on the course. However, there are many rules and precautions that need to be taken when using a golf cart, which is the focus of our discussion today. So let's learn about them.

1. The driver does not need any driver's license to drive an electric golf cart on the course, but the prerequisite is that you have a basic understanding of driving on the course and can drive without damaging the turf or anyone else.

2. When driving electric golf carts, it should be driven at a constant speed to avoid making loud noises. Drivers should always pay attention to players around them. Once a player is about to hit the ball, the cart should be stopped until the player has hit the ball before continuing to drive.

3. Due to different seasons and different course conditions, golf courses will implement different rules for golf cart driving, the most common of which are:

  • Golf cart is only allowed to drive on the cart path. This rule applies to courses with soft and wet ground to avoid damaging the turf.

  • The 90-degree rule. The rule requires that the golf cart mainly drives on the cart path. After reaching a position parallel to the landing area, make a 90-degree turn and cross the fairway directly to the side of the ball. After hitting the ball, drive back to the fairway and continue to move forward. By implementing the 90-degree rule, players can drive to the side of the ball and minimize damage to the turf.

It must be remembered that on any course, golf carts and hand carts are strictly prohibited from entering the green and tee areas. Otherwise, it will cause serious damage to the course and is unforgivable. There are usually signs on the course indicating areas for driving and parking electric golf carts, and players should strictly follow them.

Finally, when using a golf cart, safety should be considered. This includes the safety of players and the environmental safety of the course. I hope this knowledge can help you.

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