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Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Golf Carts

As a new type of electric vehicle used in specific places, golf carts provide great convenience for our daily life. Due to the particularity of electric vehicles, fault diagnosis technology is required to repair and maintain electric golf carts quickly and accurately by making use of various fault phenomena in a wide range of situations.

1. Cleaning first  and then checking

An electric golf cart, many faulty circuits are caused by the working environment. Such as most dust boards, charger controller boards and adjustable potentiometer failures are caused by various soft dirt. Therefore, when checking the fault, first clean the machine, remove the pollution caused by the fault, and then make the check.

2. Outside first and inside afterward

A mechanical failure inside the golf cart will manifest itself externally. Different external performances reflect corresponding internal device failures. Therefore, fault diagnosis and inspection should start from the outside of the machine and gradually deepen to the inside. This can reduce unnecessary losses, thereby greatly improving maintenance efficiency.

3. Power first and then load

The faults of the classic car golf cart power supply account for a large proportion in the maintenance. The power supply system is sparse in the energy supply of the whole machine. The power supply supplies electricity, the load water pump electricity, and relies on electricity to work. Most of the load failures are often caused by its power supply obstruction. Therefore, when checking the fault, the power circuit should be checked first, and after confirming that there is no abnormality in the power supply, the maintenance of other circuits should be carried out.

4. Be still and then move

Static refers to when the golf cart is not powered, which is cutting off the power with the first inspection, check that all cables are alright, each socket is making good contact, the machine is not broken and poorly soldered, and the components are blackened and discolored. Dynamic means that when the machine to be repaired is powered on, the dynamic inspection can only be carried out after necessary static inspection and measurement.Be careful not to power on the cart at will, so as not to expand the fault.

Adhering to these maintenance practices will help ensure the longevity, performance, and reliability of electric golf carts. For different sizes and models, such as two-seater golf carts for sale or 8-seater golf carts for sale, It is advisable to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations provided by reputable electric golf cart manufacturers like Etong to maintain the cart's optimal condition and extend its lifespan.

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