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The Knowledge about Electric Utility Cart

Electric Utility Cart is driven by battery power supply, which will not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. For the scenic spot, it can be charged at night, which is economic, practical and environmental protection. But do you know the six systems of the electric utility cart?  This article will provide your the knowledge about electric utility cart.  

The electric utility cart is composed of three parts: 

electrical system, chassis and body. 

The knowledge About Electric Utility Cart

Electrical system: Divided into two systems according to function:  

(1) Power system - maintenance free battery, motor, etc.;  

(2) Control and auxiliary system - electric control, accelerator, switch, wire harness, charger, etc.  

Chassis: Divided into four systems according to function:  

(1) transmission system - clutch, gearbox, cardan shaft device, drive axle in the main reducer, differential and half shaft, etc.;  

(2) Driving system -- plays the role of bonding and bearing.  Mainly including frame, axle, wheel and suspension, etc.;  

(3) Steering system - including steering wheel, steering machine and transmission rod, etc.;  

(4) Braking system -- used for speed control and parking.  Includes brakes and brake control devices.  

the knowledge about electric utility cart

It is because of the composition of these systems that the electric utility cart can be normally driven. Although the battery is important, there may be traffic safety accidents once problems occur in these systems, so we should check them more after understanding.

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