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Maintenance Methods for Electric Mobility Scooters

Do not change the charger casually for electric mobility scooters, and do not remove the speed limit of the controller

Each electric mobility scooter manufacturer's charger generally has personalized requirements, so do not replace the charger casually if you are unsure. If the control computer requires a long range and must be equipped with multiple chargers for charging in different locations, use a separately equipped charger during the day and the original charger at night. Removing the speed limit of the controller can increase the speed of the vehicle, but it not only reduces the safety of the vehicle, but also shortens the battery life.

Protect the electric mobility scooter's charger

The general user manual contains instructions on how to protect the charger. Many users do not have the habit of reading the manual and often only think to check it after problems arise, which can be too late. Therefore, it is necessary to read the instructions first. In order to reduce costs, current chargers are generally not designed to withstand high vibration. Therefore, the charger should not be placed in the trunk of the electric mobility scooter.

In special circumstances, if the charger must be moved, wrap it in foam to prevent vibration. Many chargers will experience drifting of their internal potentiometers after being vibrated, causing the entire parameter to drift and leading to abnormal charging status.

In addition, it is important to ensure ventilation while charging, otherwise it will not only affect the lifespan of the charger, but could also lead to thermal drift and affect the charging status, which will result in damage to the battery. Therefore, protecting the charger is also very important.

Electric mobility scooters should be charged every day

Even if your range requirement is not long and one charge can last 2-3 days, it is still recommended that you charge it every day. This keeps the battery in a shallow cycle state and extends its lifespan. Early mobile phone users believed that it was best to use up the battery before charging it, but this is not the case for lead-acid batteries. Frequent discharging has a greater impact on the lifespan of the battery.

Most chargers may indicate a full charge after the indicator light turns on, but the charged capacity of the battery may only be 97% to 99%. Although the impact on the range capability of a 1% to 3% shortfall may be negligible, such failure to fully charge the battery can result in an accumulation of undercharging, so it is still useful to continue with a float charge after the battery is fully charged, as this can prevent battery sulfation.

Electric mobility scooters should be charged promptly

The battery starts its sulfation process after discharging, and obvious sulfation occurs after 12 hours. Timely charging can remove minor sulfation. However, if charging is not done promptly, these crystallizations will accumulate and gradually form larger crystals. Ordinary chargers are powerless against these larger crystals, leading to a gradual decrease in battery capacity and ultimately shortening its lifespan. Therefore, in addition to charging every day, it is also important to recharge the battery as soon as possible after use, and to keep the battery as fully charged as possible.

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