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How to Save Power for the Electric Cargo Car?

Compared with fuel trucks, electric cargo cars have very cheap electricity costs. For electric cargo cars, saving electricity means saving money. In what situations are the batteries of electric cargo cars more energy-efficient?

What kind of electric cargo cars are more energy-efficient

First of all, new technology, new materials and new structures have to be adopted during the production of electric cargo cars.

New technology is in order to meet the battery technology and powerful power system required for the vehicle's endurance. The battery power conversion rate needs to be high, and a power feedback system is required to effectively reduce the virtual consumption of electricity.

The material used for the electric cargo car also needs to be selected, such as lightening the whole vehicle or box, which can reduce the weight of the power system.

Finally, the vehicle's structural design needs to be rationalized.

Precautions when driving an electric cargo car

Of course, these are the points to pay attention to when choosing a vehicle. What should we pay attention to in our actual use?

In order to increase the driving distance and save electricity, in addition to the above factors, it is also related to the driving methods of the driver. Here are some shared experiences:

  • Do not follow the front vehicle too closely while driving, keep a certain distance from the front vehicle to avoid rapid braking and loss of electricity. This is also for the sake of personal safety. In driving, many people only pay attention to the front car. In fact, under certain conditions, you can also look at the front and back cars, so as to predict the expansion and contraction.

  • Electric cargo car is still relatively convenient to use in the factory area. Friends who walk in the factory area must look at pedestrians in advance and predict the expansion and contraction of the pedals.

  • Electric cargo car should not carry too much load. Load has always been a knot for drivers. Whether it is a fuel truck or an electric cargo car, it seems impossible to avoid the topic of overloading. After all, the more goods loaded, the more benefits it will bring. Many people will try their best to load the vehicle, but the more they load, the more battery energy will be consumed, and energy saving will not be achieved.

  • There are also electric refrigerated cargo cars that transport fresh and frozen food, which also belong to the category of electric cargo cars. Such vehicles are equipped with on-board refrigerators, and the refrigeration system also needs electricity. When loading goods that do not require refrigeration, the refrigeration system can be turned off to save electricity. When loading goods that require refrigeration, the temperature inside the compartment should be adjusted appropriately, but not too low, otherwise it will also consume electricity.

In fact, the skills of saving electricity for electric cargo cars are similar to how to save fuel for fuel trucks. If you pay attention to save fuel normally, it is not a problem to save electricity by analogy.

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