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Functional Characteristics and Types of Electric Sanitation Trucks

Ⅰ. What is an electric sanitation truck?

Electric sanitation trucks are powered by new energy batteries, which are environmentally friendly, reduce secondary pollution, beautiful and stylish, and are mainly used in sanitation departments. Electric sanitation trucks can effectively reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers, save labor costs, improve work efficiency and cleaning effect, and are a sanitation vehicle that we need to vigorously promote.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of electric sanitation trucks

1. Advanced functional module design, convenient and flexible control mode. Durable.

2. The electric sanitation truck adopts a high-power drive motor and a large-capacity drive battery. Strong power, moderate speed.

3. Electric sanitation vehicles can reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers and improve the efficiency of sanitation operations.

Ⅲ. Functions of electric sanitation trucks

Electric sanitation vehicles mainly include multi-functional high-pressure washing vehicles, electric garbage removal vehicles, leaf collectors, pure electric sweepers, electric sprinklers, electric sweepers, electric garbage sorting vehicles, etc. They have the characteristics of small size, powerful functions, low noise It is small, light in weight, easy to turn, strong in passing ability, and will cause damage to sanitation roads and other public facilities, and is deeply loved by sanitation departments and sanitation workers.

Ⅳ. Types of electric sanitation trucks

The small garbage removal vehicle is convenient for picking up garbage on the road. It is the most commonly used vehicle for sanitation workers. The carriage is made of pvc plastic material, which is durable and does not rust.

The electric garbage truck with hydraulic self-unloading is suitable for the transfer of a small amount of garbage. The carriage is made of stainless steel, which is not afraid of corrosion and is more durable. It is equipped with hydraulic self-unloading to facilitate the dumping of garbage.

The single-barrel garbage truck can be used with a 240L trash can. If the trash can is removed, it can also be used as a small garbage pickup truck, which is convenient for clearing and transporting some road garbage. It is cheap and can be used for multiple purposes.

The multi-barrel trash can transport vehicle is convenient for the transfer and transportation of trash cans, and is widely used in the residential property market.

The stainless steel carriage is convenient for transporting some highly corrosive garbage, which is better cleaned and more anti-corrosion and durable.

Etong electric sanitation trucks can be widely used in urban sanitation departments, property management departments, large and medium-sized parks and tourist attractions, golf courses and other entertainment venues, airports, railway stations and other public places, resorts and other places.

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