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Electric Patrol Cars Entering the Community is Becoming a New Trend

We can always see the police or security guards driving electric patrol cars in the streets, parks, communities and even campuses to patrol around. If you walk alone after get off work at night or in places where the flow of people is particularly crowded, the appearance of electric patrol cars will always give you a sense of security.

When it comes to electric patrol cars, it is a functional vehicle that has been widely used in recent years. It uses electric energy as the power source and has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, and zero emission reduction. It is mainly used in various police departments as an important new vehicle for patrolling various communities, scenic spots, streets and other places. In the past, law enforcement officers basically relied on walking to patrol residential areas or scenic spots with narrow roads. With electric patrol cars, work efficiency has been improved and security management has been strengthened. Therefore, it has become a trend for electric security patrol cars to enter the community, which is mainly reflected in the following points.

Ⅰ. Judging from the social development and market development needs of electric patrol cars

As people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection continues to increase, energy conservation and emission reduction has always been one of the tasks advocated by various departments. At the same time, as people's awareness of this concept continues to increase, they also hope to drive in the The patrol cars around me have zero emissions, zero pollution, and zero noise.

Throughout the entire industry, only electric patrol cars can meet the above requirements and become the preferred alternative to traditional patrol vehicles.

Ⅱ. Body characteristics of electric patrol car

Let's take the electric patrol car as an example. From the perspective of the characteristics of the car body, the electric patrol car introduces the stamping process and electrophoresis anti-corrosion process of automobile production technology to create a fully enclosed electric patrol car. The car is equipped with auxiliary devices, such as external loudspeakers, professional fire extinguishers, etc., making the patrol car a mobile police workstation and publicity station. In addition, a driving recorder is installed, which can record the whole process of vehicle driving and play a supervisory role in daily inspections.

Ⅲ. Advantages of electric patrol car:

1. Environmental protection, because it is powered by a battery and does not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. It is a new type of electric vehicle product with zero emission and zero pollution.

2. The appearance is novel and the lines are gorgeous, in line with the aesthetics of modern people.

3. The operation is stable, which can ensure the personal safety of the passengers to the greatest extent.

4. Brakes, front axles, and rear axles are all made of very mature modular components, featuring low noise, protection-free, and low failure rate.

5. The operating cost is low, which can reduce a lot of energy expenses compared with the same period of fuel-based sightseeing cars.

6. The maintenance of the body is relatively simple, and there is no need for complicated engine maintenance.

Therefore, no matter from which point of view, electric patrol cars are the preferred vehicles for patrolling in various communities. At the same time, we believe that in this era of skyrocketing oil prices, electric patrol cars will gradually replace traditional patrol cars and become one of the most popular electric special vehicles in the market.

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