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Attention to Driving and Battery Usage of Electric Golf Carts

Precautions for Driving Electric Golf Carts

  • Before driving, put the parking brake and handbrake to the bottom to avoid burning out the brake pads or motor.

  • When starting, pay attention to whether the brake and steering of the vehicle are normal and whether there is any abnormal noise. If there is any abnormality, stop the vehicle immediately, eliminate the fault and then drive again.

  • Overloading is prohibited, and children should be taken care of by adults.

  • When driving, always control the vehicle, keep the sight clear, and maintain a safe distance from any object.

  • When driving an 8 person golf cart, please remind passengers not to extend their heads and limbs outside the vehicle.

  • Avoid passing through loose objects, pits or bumpy ground.

  • Please turn slowly, especially in rainy days or when going uphill or downhill. High-speed uphill and downhill, excessive steering and other dangerous operations. It is easy to cause safety accidents.

  • When the red light in the power indicator flashes, it means that the power has reached its limit. Please stop using the vehicle and charge it in time.


When the vehicle needs to change direction, it should be done after the vehicle stops. The operation should be in the order of reverse-neutral or reverse-forward. It is strictly prohibited to suddenly change the driving direction of the vehicle while driving, which may cause damage to the discharge control and motor.

Charging and Battery Use of Electric Golf Carts

  • After the vehicle battery is discharged, it should be charged in time to avoid exceeding 24 hours of charging, otherwise it will shorten the battery life.

  • In summer, after the cargo golf cart is driven, the battery temperature is high and it is not suitable to charge immediately. Wait for the battery to cool down and then charge it. Also, do not charge it in the sun.

  • When the temperature is very low in winter and the battery is in a low temperature state, the charging and discharging performance of the battery will be reduced. Charging should be carried out under conditions as close to normal temperature as possible.

  • To ensure optimal performance and longevity of the battery pack, it is advisable to utilize the dedicated charger provided by electric golf cart manufacturers for charging.

  • During the driving process, the driver should pay attention to the power indicator of the meter, and charge it in time when the power is exhausted.

  • Storage and maintenance of wholesale electric golf carts: If not used for a long time, fill the battery with electricity before storage, discharge it once a month, and fill it with electricity once a month.

  • Keep the charging place spacious and ventilated.

  • When the service life of the lead-acid battery reaches its end, the capacity of the battery drops sharply and cannot meet the power supply requirements. At this time, a new battery needs to be replaced. The new battery group should be of the same brand, the same specification, the same capacity, and the same voltage. Before using the new battery group, it needs to be balanced charged.

  • The surface, connection wires, and bolts of the battery should be kept clean and dry for a long time. Avoid liquid on the surface of the battery. If there is any, wipe it off in time.

  • The connection of the battery must be in good condition. Check whether the battery pole is oxidized and whether the fastening bolts are loose frequently, so as not to overheat, ignite, or burn the pole due to poor contact.

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