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Are There Mandatory Regulations on the Use of Electric Patrol Cars by Countries?

What is an electric patrol car?

Electric patrol car belongs to a type of special vehicles. From the literal meaning, it can be easily understood that electronic patrol cars are vehicles used for patrol, mainly relying on electric energy as their driving force. Due to its unique characteristics, such as the design of a small and agile body, which can easily move around the streets and alleys, and its fast speed, as well as its environmentally friendly and energy-saving features, it is often used as a patrol vehicle for police officers.

What are the types of electric patrol cars?

Nowadays, many manufacturers can basically customize vehicles according to the user's needs. If users prefer or need a specific type of vehicle, manufacturers can produce those types. Open-type electric patrol cars are suitable for patrol and inspection, which is why many police electric patrol cars seen on the streets and alleys are open-type.

In addition to the above open-type or custom-designed electric patrol cars, there is also a fully enclosed type with windows and doors, known as the fully enclosed electric patrol car.

However, fully enclosed electric patrol cars are generally rarely seen in patrol because the use of these vehicles is not convenient for police officers. Therefore, fully enclosed electric patrol cars are generally used as a means of transportation for police officers for investigation and citation in the surrounding areas.

Generally, this kind of vehicle can carry 4-5 persons or 6-8 persons. Its maximum speed also varies according to the different passenger-carrying capacity of the vehicle. For example, the maximum speed of a vehicle rated for carrying 4-5 persons is 30km/h, while the maximum speed of a vehicle rated for carrying 6-8 persons is between 25-30km/h.

The regulations for using the electric patrol car

Electric patrol car is a special type of transportation, and the following are the regulations for using it:

  • Keep the vehicle clean and tidy: Regularly clean the body of the vehicle, check whether there is any damage, and keep the vehicle clean and tidy.

  • Check the battery level: Before use, check the battery level to ensure adequate use.

  • The driver must have a driver's license: The driver must have appropriate driver's license, understand the driving skills and safety knowledge of electric patrol cars.

  • Comply with traffic regulations: The driver must comply with traffic regulations, including parking, changing lanes, turning, etc.

  • Wear a helmet: The driver must wear a helmet to ensure driving safety.

  • Drive cautiously: Drivers need to drive carefully, pay attention to the surrounding environment, slow down, and not overspeed.

  • Prohibit illegal operations: Drivers are prohibited from modifying the vehicles, increasing the speed or engaging in other illegal operations without permission.

  • Regular maintenance: Regularly inspect, maintain and repair the vehicle to ensure its normal use.

  • Disconnect the power when parking: When parking, cut off the power to ensure that the vehicle cannot be moved or stolen.

  • Do not use without permission: Unauthorized personnel are prohibited from using electric patrol cars.

Regardless of the type of vehicle, it is important to follow basic traffic rules. This is not only a reflection of our civilized society but also for the safety of drivers and pedestrians. We hope that everyone can follow the rules and do their part!

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